Drug for Periodontitis

We believe that drug research should not be solely dedicated to the development of new molecules. Many existing molecules and compounds may be used for treating more diseases than it was originally intended for. The industry jargon is “repurposing”. When we look for pharmaceutical projects, we focused primarily on “repurposing” ideas.

PerioC is a UK biotech company that is conducting clinical trials on an existing and proven drug compound for treating periodontitis, a prevalent dental disease. Current treatments using antibiotics do not address the pathological cause of the disease leading to tooth loss in the long run but the repurposed drug is aimed at addressing this problem.

Medical group

MediHealth currently operates six profitable general practitioner clinics (GP clinics) in Singapore. The primary care sector comprising mainly GP clinics is very fragmented and the tertiary care sector (hospitals) is overly congested. So there is a need to strengthen the secondary care sector which can help to increase efficiency for both the primary and tertiary care sectors.

We are funding MediHealth’s expansion strategy which seek to consolidate the primary care sectors and to create a stronger secondary care sector.



Titanium implant is the current standard in orthopedic surgery. However titanium implants are non-biodegradable and are left in the body permanently. This may cause problems and to remove it in a second operation after the bone has recovered is dangerous, painful and costly. So for non-permanent implants, biodegradability is a desired feature and magnesium is the most promising material to substitute titanium.

Syntellix is a German company with the world’s first and only technology in biodegradable magnesium implants. The product (“Magnezix”) has obtained the European CE mark since 2013 and now approved by 41 countries. It has successfully treated more than 8,000 patients in 24 countries to date.

We are funding the company to set up its Asian headquarters in Singapore to position for the Asian expansion.

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